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Get cash against your receivables from Amazon

Avail a working capital line against your sales on your Amazon Seller Central Account. Invoice Bazaar, an SME working capital provider has this special offering for sellers on Amazon to get easy finance against your sales history on Amazon. If you have a minimum of 3 months of sales history and a minimum monthly average sales of US$10,000 and work on FBA model, we have a solution towards your working capital.

You need to authorize Invoice Bazaar access to your Amazon Seller Central data and we can revert within 48 hours with a credit decision. You can be based anywhere in the world as long as you sell on Amazon

  • Amazon Seller Finance

    Working Capital Finance for Sellers on Amazon

  • We understand that all credit decisions are made by Invoice Bazaar Forfaiting Services LLC based on the data available on our company. We also hereby provide our explicit consent to share our Amazon Seller Central access for Invoice Bazaar to underwrite credit. We agree to all the terms of service and privacy policy of Invoice Bazaar.  

How does this work?


Invoice Bazaar is a UAE based Receivables Finance platform that facilitates suppliers get early payment from Buyers. Invoice Bazaar was setup in 2016 and has been an active player in the world of Receivables Finance/Supply Chain Finance.
Invoice Bazaar has been provided developer API by Amazon so that Invoice Bazaar could get your Sales, Inventory and Performance data to assess credit risk.
Once you authorize Invoice Bazaar by giving access to your Amazon Seller Central data, Invoice Bazaar credit engine takes a credit decision based on your vintage, rating, sales data, returns data, FBA inventory data (if applicable) etc. This will require you to maintain your Virtual Bank Account provided by Invoice Bazaar with Amazon to receive your future sales proceeds towards the liquidation of the credit facility.
As long as you keep providing authorizations and sign up all the documentation, you could expect liquidity within 72 hours from the time you sign up. This could be a revolving line and we can keep funding you as soon as the previous tranche is paid out.