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Invoice Financing

For any small or medium scale business, the reliance on receivables from top quality clients is the grease helping the business flourish. We have often seen cases with SMEs, where enlisting with a large corporate client not only helps secure their receivables, but also allows to have better terms with suppliers. However, large clients usually come with pressures on delivery, quality and most importantly efficient timelines. Hence our solutions to SMEs with strong customers local or international is to reach out to us and discuss mechanisms to help secure liquidity and get paid early on these invoices.

With our receivables financing product, we can help SMEs get paid early on regular invoices raised on large customers. These invoices can be financed up to a maximum period of 90 days and we believe this can be sufficient to run the business more efficiently.

Vendor Financing

UAE is a hub for trading activities and being a small country, most of the vendor relationships originate from different parts of the world. At Invoice Bazaar, we can appraise your vendor relationship and act on your behalf to release payment to your suppliers fast and easy.

Vendor Financing helps you to get extended payment period as we make payment to your principals and can provide you additional payment period (up to 90 days) for paying. This bridges your working capital cycle as you would be able to receive stock, complete value-addition, sell and realize cash in the extended payment period. Invoice Bazaar Vendor Financing lines are extended to mature mid-market companies/distributors that have a vintage of minimum 7 years and have exclusive arrangement with principals.

Our online dashboard helps our clients check on credit limits available, current utilization and due dates on payments to be received, making it easy for them to track transactions. Our credit evaluation process is quick and we can ascertain credit limits on each of the buyers. We can liquidate the loan booked against invoices by receiving payments directly from your customers.