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Get a supplier payment line against your inventory

Avail a working capital line against your inventory being kept as a collateral with our logistics partner RSA Global. You get the benefit of preferential pricing on your storage/logistics costs as well as a line of credit towards your working capital. The facility can be used for making payment to your suppliers.

Invoice Bazaar is open to FMCG, Food Commodities and other long expiry commodities as underlying goods for providing Inventory Finance facility. The product works well for trading companies, manufacturers and retailers. Typical Inventory Finance structures are for 60 to 90 days. Please fill in your details on this form for having a discussion.

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How does this work?


Invoice Bazaar is a UAE based Receivables Finance platform that facilitates suppliers get early payment from buyers. Invoice Bazaar was setup in 2016 and has been an active player in the world of Receivables Finance/Supply Chain Finance.
RSA Global is a digital freight forwarding and logistics company headquartered out of the UAE. Its focus is to provide the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, and India with seamless access to the world by the means of integrated logistics and supply chain services.
Invoice Bazaar and RSA Global have partnered to help Small and Mid-Sized businesses to get access to working capital by using inventory as a collateral. Any client wishing to avail of this facility upon approval needs to sign a tripartite documentation with Invoice Bazaar as well as RSA Global to get liquidity against your stock kept with RSA Global thereby helping you with your working capital.
Invoice Bazaar is a licensed forfaiting services company in Dubai, UAE and uses its discretion in making credit decision. The data requested would include the audited financials of the company, bank statements as well as constitutive documents/KYC documents. In case of Inventory Finance, the residual tenor of the inventory as well as the nature of inventory is important to assess credit risk on the underlying stock.
RSA Global will discuss your storage requirements with you and find the best solution for your commodity. After completion of the legal documentation, your stock can be secured. The entire on-boarding process can be realized within one week depending on the complexity of your product and storage requirements.
As soon as the documentation is completed and the stock is secured with RSA Global, you could expect liquidity within 48 hours from the time you complete the process. This will be a revolving line and we can keep funding you as soon as the previous tranche is paid out.
The logistics fees are to be contracted and paid directly to RSA Global as per the made agreement. Invoice Bazaar would have a facility fee as well as interest costs as and when funds are drawn towards supplier payments.