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Set up your Virtual Bank Account in UAE to get paid from Amazon on your invoices

Avail your UAE Bank Account with IBAN for receiving payments from Amazon UAE. This service from Invoice Bazaar enables you to have a virtual account created with Commercial Bank of Dubai.

A “virtual account” is a sub-account of Invoice Bazaar maintained with Commercial Bank of Dubai and Invoice Bazaar further remits the payment to your bank account provided by you.

  • Amazon Seller Virtual Account

    Open your UAE Bank Virtual Account to get paid from Amazon

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How does this work?


Invoice Bazaar is a UAE based Receivables Finance platform that facilitates suppliers get early payment from Buyers. Invoice Bazaar was setup in 2016 and has been an active player in the world of Receivables Finance/Supply Chain. Finance.
Invoice Bazaar has partnered with Commercial Bank of Dubai (https://www.cbd.ae/) to facilitate creation of Virtual Account for its clients. We can create a Virtual Account with an account number and IBAN so that you could advise this account number to Amazon.ae for receiving payments from them. Every vendor registered with us would be provided unique Account/Virtual Account numbers and Invoice Bazaar would remit to the respective vendor accounts once virtual account gets a credit from Amazon.ae.
The account number provided to you from Invoice Bazaar would be unique with a separate IBAN which would be acceptable to Amazon.ae as a UAE bank account number with Commercial Bank of Dubai, a leading UAE bank.
Invoice Bazaar would remit funds to bank account details maintained with us within 24 hours of receiving payments. If the bank requests for any additional documents related to the transaction, Invoice Bazaar will seek for documents as we will not have any access to your transaction documents from Amazon.ae.
This is possible with additional fee and assignment of your receivables to Invoice Bazaar.
Getting started is easy! Just fill in the sign-up form and our Customer Onboarding team will take you through the process.
Attractive pricing offered based upon your volume and vintage.