Invoice Bazaar is an attempt at providing easy finance for
smaller entities (SMEs) supplying to larger corporations

What is Invoice Bazaar?

Invoice Bazaar is a platform built to connect SME suppliers to Mid/Large buyers in the United Arab Emirates. The platform helps suppliers to get status of their invoices through the mobile app/cloud system as well as provides an option to sell their invoices for cash thereby helping with working capital cycle.

The platform helps the buyers by optimizing their procurement process and provides option to either opt for increasing DPO (Days Payable Outstanding) or start earning additional income by helping the SME suppliers.

Is this the same as
invoice/bill discounting?

No. Discounting is offered by financial institutions as a loan with complete recourse on the supplier. The invoice normally does not have any binding by the buyer to make payment to the financial institution on due date.

However, the supply chain solution offered through Invoice Bazaar is a true purchase of a receivable where the supplier can have the receivable taken off the balance sheet.

Financial Inclusion for SMEs

InvoiceBazaar is focused on helping underserved SMEs cash their receivables early thereby helping them with the working capital. 

We believe high-income country SMEs have a higher challenge in access to finance as neither banks nor Impact Investors are interested. We are here to help!

Customer Speak

How does Invoice Bazaar
Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solution work?

IB Cloud Diagram

Supply Chain Finance platform for Suppliers to get paid early and help
Buyers optimize their procurement cycle